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1. What to do when i finished one step and it doesn’t work?

Read full guide and try to finish all steps before you contact us. Remember that not every step will work for all games/apps. You need to try them all and find that one which helps in hacking your favourite game or application. Test tools, private servers, apps, addons, extensions and much more. Some ways to cheat allow you to get credits and other resources in the game, modify values, unlock weapons or maps. Notice that some apk files are secured too strong to hack, also online games are impossible to modify.

2. Is it safe and legal?

Yes it is, most of presented apps are coming from official websites and they allow you to collect special points. You can easily exchange them for value in the game, for example for gold, credits, coins, gems, diamonds etc. Some methods help in changing these values in offline games, they might unlock maps, artifacts, levels or characters and much more. It doesn't break developer' rules, so feel free to use it on your device. Notice that some android tools can damage your app/game and you will need to reinstall it.

3. I don't see any generator. What do you offer?

We only deliver clean and safe ways to hack games and apps on mobile devices, we describe them in each post. You can read every single step to change apk application, professional guides, tutorials, methods to cheat, discover discount codes, cheat codes, lists of tools helping in modify files, many tricks & tips, advices, solutions and fixes. See unique tactics, strategies, gameplays and hints. Forget about annoying surveys, lockers, payments, fake hacks or illegal online generators.

4. Can I share my own advices?

Feel free to leave your ideas, tactics and strageties in comments under articles. Simply choose type of message, fill the captcha challenge and click 'submit' to leave post. If you tested particular application and want to help other users, do not wait and just do this! Do you know more hacks, cheats, codes or tricks? Describe your way to hack game, submit cheat codes or promo code, write reviews & join to big and active toysgamestech community. Thanks!

5. How to download hack?

You cannot download anything on this website. We offer only readalbe content - articles, guides, tutorials, ways to modify games, ideas and tricks. All links in articles are going to clean and safe sites, they allows you to get tools or register for earning points. You will be able to exchange them for credits in your favourite game. We also attach links going to wiki, articles placed on other domains and magazines. We do not publish suspicious links, files, software or lockers.

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