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Best place to paste or read own tutorials, guides or hacks for mobile games & apps. Discover hidden cheats, codes, solutions and tricks for Android applications.

All possible tricks and guides for games/applications online! Daily updates, 24/h contact and tons of useful info about any Android app. Every user is able to submit own review, code, tutorial, guide or tips & tricks for Android games & apps. Select app/game category, then add your opinion or describe own strategy! Other players can visit our website and test your advices in game. As you can see, most players are creators of our content because each visitor is able to simply add hack & cheat code for his favourite application, but only legal hints are allowed. Feel free to share tactics, strategies or “how to” guides. No surveys, no online generators, no fake tools, no download and no lockers.

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Forget about annoying surveys to unlock anything or generate resources in mobile applications. No apk files, no suspicious mods, no unofficial tools or fake software. All here is clean, safe and helpful. Read bunch of useful steps to hack or modify games with no cost. Check universal ways to change values in apps within a few seconds thanks to 20 steps. One of them should work in any game you need to change.

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Find and test the most popular advices from homepage. We offer the best way to get an advantage in mobile games without spending money. Explore hidden tricks and tips written by pro players and visitors like you. Wanna share own tactics or a few tips? Do not wait and describe your way to cheat in the game below the article, in 'comments' section.

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Use our search engine to find more & less popular games and applications for android in 2018. Check new apps, tech news and video tutorials, read full hacks from the list and discover legal methods to cheat apk files. Learn to modify files, simply change some values and read pro tips from professional players.

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We suggest not using fake online generators what promises to deliver unlimited amount of resources for real money. You won't find illegal things here, we never publish non working tools, all tips & tricks are confirmed and tested by us and random users. Read the biggest lists full of guides for minigames.

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We explain how to achieve the success!

How to earn resources fast and destroy enemies? How to have fun playing games? What is the best way to win matches quickly, collect money faster & unlock maps/levels? Ask questions and add your cheats, hacks or steps to help other players.

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Share you own hack tricks, advices and fixes for mobile devices. Write review for each tested game/app. Great mobility, fast server & no viruses. Each user like you can easily improve this page and make it more friendly for other visitors. How? Leave small help for rest of app' users. Simply share funny tricks, rate stuff or just describe the way to get the advantage. Thanks alot!

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Universal tricks & unique solutions of any android device awaiting you. Leave your reaction, spread love in comments & share us via social media. When you notice that particular step is more helpful than others, give us this info as comment below the article. Thanks to it other users will try this instead of reading and testing all steps from 1 to 25.

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Looking for cheat or hack for any game? No problem, our www service offers thousands of hacks, promo codes, solutions and strategies witten by us and proplayers. Find the best tactics and win matches quickly! Read and use only confirmed and legal tutorials. Share your own experience and leave a feedback.

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You can write reviews, comments, rate apps and leave your reaction right now - register is not required! Only fill google captcha challenge and that's all. Check top most popular hacked games or applications for android ios devices, take a look at star rating and be careful when reading each step.

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Dsicover hidden features, maps, filters and special chracters in apps and gamez. Ready for better game performance? Our community share hundreds of cheats and tips everyday. Join us to be stronger, faster, better and get the best score. Check history of searched phrases to see how many games we support. How we can help you? Why do players love us so much? You can read more below.

25 legal ways to modify

We recommend to read all delivered steps & ideas how to hack games and get infinite gold, elixirs, coins, silver, mana, hitpoints or just unlock levels, chars, maps and locations for free. Need unlimited gems, points, stars, credits or money in your favourite game? You're definitely in the right place!

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No scam, no illegal generator online or similar staff. Only friendly ways and ideas how to modify mobile games & applications.

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Quick search system based on google custom search engine + tons of uniqe features and information. See game screenshots, description, Q&A or professional tricks to improve game performance.

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Probably the biggest collection oh hack cheats & promo codes, discounts and much more. Subscribe toysgamestech to get fresh guides for new and also most popular apps+games.

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Clean interface, many ways to hack for each title, mobile friendly and clean website - this is how we do. Read about cheat engines, cheat codes, hackers or apk mods.

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